Lemons to Lemonade


For many of us, Lemonade has come to mean not a cold mixture of lemon, sugar and water but something more tangible and significant.


Beyonce’s sixth album which is probably her greatest till now since time in memorial, was more than just an album for many, it was a completely honest,no holds barred record of the personal, cultural and political life of one the worlds most loved artists. And Beyonce has put up a 600 paged coffee table book to show us how it all came about.

The album was a truly empowering statement for women and for black people. For one thing she acknowledged that her marriage was not picture perfect, her partner betrayed her trust but she forgave him (after he earned it of course) because she loved him but she did not hide his ‘dirty little secret’ to feel perfect but showing that this did not have the power to shame her and to perhaps strengthen others going through the same thing.

It also showed the frustrations of being a black woman in America, the racism and the unending injustice constantly thrown from every corner even or especially so for black women which was epitomized in the speech by Malcolm X. As nanny in ‘Their eyes were watching God’ said ” de nigger woman is de mule ud de world so fur as ah can see”.

Everything was shown, from the significance of the chignon a.k.a head wrap imposed on black women to curb their sensuality in then New Orleans, to Nigeria’s Laolu Sebanjo’s `Ori sacred body painting in ‘sorry’, to the artsy arrangement of Gucci in ‘Formation’ and the Yellow Roberto Cavalli dress in ‘Hold up’, and her invoking the black panthers and Osun the goddess of fertility at her performances she uncovers the thought, significance and planning that went into each song in this book.

Not one to ever do things by half the book covers everything from the songs,to the videos, to her performances and her Formation tour. It also has a few collages of old family photos.

Sure to be sold out before the end of it’s first week, this book is more than just a look at a great artist in her prime, it is the creation of lemonade when life hands you lemons and should be read by every female and every working artist.


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