9 Ways To Help Your Clothes Live Longer


Most of our clothes have long life span than we keep them. We wear them for a few month then dump them. The truth is, although we can’t hope to wear a piece of clothing forever no matter how expensive it, we can make them last a little longer if we did the right thing by them.

Here are few tips to let your clothes live longer

Make Use Of Whiteners:

White shirts or kaftans tend to dull over time. Its important to never wash your whites with other colours to avoid having your dark bleed through onto them. Also you can buy whitener which you could just pop into the washing machine with your clothes.



Collar Stays Are Essential:

Nothing screams struggle as much as a rumpled color facing the north on your shirt. Its best you buy button down shirts so you don’t have to worry about it or get some brass collar stays which will keep your collar stiff and sharp.


Wash Your Jeans Inside Out:

To avoid fading wash your jeans inside out and make sure you zip the necessary place and avoid washing them too often.



Shoe Trees

Every formal shoe you have needs shoe trees to keep them in shape. few of their purpose is they absorb sweat and make your shoes feel new every time you wear them.


Take Your Suit, Kaftan & Agbada To The Dry cleaners

When you read on your suits “Dry clean only”, its not a joke. Get a good laundry company and handover this job to them you will be amazed by how your suit retains its beauty. Avoid giving them to the the mama that helps you clean the house.


Look Out For The Collar Stains

If you are the very sweaty type look out for the collars of your shirt. If you rotate your shirts well enough and do proper laundry you shouldn’t have to worry about this but in case you have to, there are spot cleaning product on the market.

Invest In Decent Hangers

For no reason should you fold your shirts. Those pressing edges are not as great as you think. You should always hang your shirts, jackets and suit. Buy some quality wooden hangers to help maintain the shape of the item you are hanging. Your Agbada and other kaftans can be neatly folded.

Neatly hung dress shirts --- Image by © Kate Kunz/Corbis


Keep your shoes In Dust Bag: 

Keep all items in a dust bag to avoid been dusty. In case where you don’t have a bag for that you can make use of your old pillow case.


Respect The Clothes:

Don’t stuff your clothes together. Keep them neatly arranged being worn before you clean them. Don’t keep them dirty for too long.  Show love to your clothes.


How do you keep your wardrobe refreshed? Kindly share with us in the comment section.





Photocredit: Walmart.com, supadupa.me,  Amazon.com, kate Kunz, Instagram.


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