#LFDW2016: Through The Eyes Of A First Timer


So for the very first time ever, I will be a real participant amongst the most fashionable, stylish, opinionated and creative individuals in the world (well….actually in Nigeria). It’s Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016 (#LFDW16) and I am here for the first time!

I am usually very satisfied with watching live feeds and reading all about it on stylevitae.com. But this edition is too huge and my phone’s screen will not be wide enough for me to experience the runway magic, the edgy designs and the beautiful models with waistlines so thin I might need to superimpose at least three to meet my mother’s specifications for ‘child bearing hips’.

This year, I get up close but not too personal with the designers, the models, the influencers, the agents, the photographers and the other one hundred and fifty people whose jobs cannot be deciphered upon initial contact with them.

This is the gathering of the most innovative minds and it’ll be totally worth the wait. As Federal Palace Hotel plays host to this year’s edition of Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week, it will literally shake all weekend long (no reference to the beautiful plus size models about to hit the runway)!

Pay close attention in the next couple of days as big brands will strive to maintain their status, growing designers will get their big breaks, models will become runway favourites and new trends will be set. There will be music, there will be colours and ultimately, an uninterrupted display of eclectic and borderline crazy personal style; the good, the bad and the ones best ignored.

Welcome to the 2016 Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week!





Image Credit: instagram.com/lfdw_ng





Enyinna Patrick popularly known as Tripp is an aspiring astronaut who is constantly exploring new frontiers in music, art and fashion. He lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. He will be interning with StyleVitae throughout #LFDW16 so stick around for more from him!



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