For The Life Of Mimi – #MimiOTravels: Abu Dhabi!


Shortly after I got back from my month-long trip to the UK and USA, – I still owe you some deets on that – I was off to the Middle East on another adventure. It was the perfect way to wrap up my summer travels and I intended to make the best of the opportunity, which is exactly what I did. The location was Abu Dhabi and though armed with the information that it was a pretty hot time of the year, my enthusiasm remained extremely high. I packed my bags and off I went!

Now the pre-information on the weather was not enough preparation for what hit me and the weather app was certainly not exaggerating when it read 35 degrees; it was HOT! Also, knowing that a good number of the activities planned were outdoors wasn’t very encouraging, but I was determined to remain upbeat.

Day one’s activity was a trip to Dubai for the Desert Safari experience which I thoroughly enjoyed and by the end of the very long day, I was beat. With about 3 hours drive time to and from Abu Dhabi, another 2 within Dubai and about 1 while on the Desert Safari, it was no wonder I was exhausted.

Mimi Onalaja Abu Dhabi 11

Mimi Onalaja Abu Dhabi 1

Mimi Onalaja Abu Dhabi 2

It was pretty interesting to see the differences between the two cities. I’d been to both a few years back but didn’t quite take note; let’s just say interests have changed. For all the bustle, buildings and traffic Dubai has, Abu Dhabi has peace, serenity and lots of space. Think Lagos and Abuja. Another thing that missed me was how cultural & artsy the experience was and I made sure to get in on the action.

Mimi Onalaja Abu Dhabi 8

Mimi Onalaja Abu Dhabi 10

Day 2 was all fun and games at the Yas Island Water World and even though I have no pictures to prove, it was definitely a great experience. I’d say it’s a must-do and with the DJ dedicating a whole set to Nigerian music while we lounged in the wave pool, the day got an A+ from me!

The third day started with some much needed down time at the spa and ended with a wedding back at the hotel. I had the perfect outfit which I had initially packed for my time in Houston but decided to save. It was made by Fablane by Derin – you know I definitely didn’t forget to wear Nigerian!

Mimi Onalaja Abu Dhabi 3

Mimi Onalaja Abu Dhabi 4

Mimi Onalaja Abu Dhabi 5

The last day started with a short stint on the beach and in the pool; doing those in over 35 degrees of heat was not the wisest idea, evident by my tan lines and darker skin. Still, I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of it all.

Mimi Onalaja Abu Dhabi 6

Mimi Onalaja Abu Dhabi 7

The day continued with lunch and a visit to the mall in an area I considered downtown and one I really didn’t know existed; who would have thought the peaceful Abu Dhabi had tall buildings too?! I chose a patterned two-piece by Nigerian label Kancky NG that was perfect for the laid-back day I had.

Mimi Onalaja Abu Dhabi 13

Mimi Onalaja Abu Dhabi 12

Leaving Abu Dhabi was bittersweet as the entire experience was amazing, more so because I shared it with even more amazing Sister-Friends!

Mimi Onalaja Abu Dhabi
Hi Toyosi and Dara!




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