For The Life Of Mimi – #MimiOTravels A Beginners Guide to Miami!


Earlier in the week I wrote a little Miami style piece here where I promised to give a few tips and pointers based on my experience there, and because I’m a girl of my word, I’m back with just that!

Now I’m definitely no authority on the city as I’ve only been once, but I had such a good time there and it would be plain selfish of me not to share with you. I’d love for you to use this as a sort of guide to your first (or next) trip to Miami; you can do some of the things I did but most importantly, some of the ones I didn’t. Okay, here goes:

  • Stay on Collins Avenue

One of the first steps when planning a trip is where to stay and I’d definitely recommend Collins Ave, particularly in a big hotel with direct access to the beach (I think most of them do, but be sure to confirm). This way, you’re guaranteed to have a good time even if you don’t go out much, and you know that ‘views’ shot everyone who visits Miami gets? You’ll get one of yours too!

MimiOTravels Miami

MimiOTravels Miami 22


  • Mindset!

You can’t go to Miami with a closed and guarded mind, you just can’t. It’s such a vibrant city with friendly locals and tourists like you that are all looking to have a good time, so take advantage of it. Yes, be very careful and alert (as you should be at all times) but definitely be open to new adventures. Take in all the scenery, appreciate the little things, laugh, scream & shout all you want and always have a huge smile on your face!

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MsBeefab Cover-up Skirt


  • More is Better

It’s best to visit with your best people, and the larger the group, the better. It’s always a party in Miami, and you want to be able to maintain that vibe all through; when you’re all on your own or when you’re all in a larger party environment. I went with seven of my best girls and we definitely had the best time!

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  • Walk the Streets

It’s pretty hot in Miami during the Summer so chances are you’d want to taxi/uber hop everywhere. That’s understandable, but just once, brave the heat and take a long stroll. It’s ridiculous how much fun I had doing this; you’d meet so many people, have so many laughs and get so many good shots in (you’ll always find the light on the streets). I’d recommend walking around Lincoln road and ending at Ocean Drive.

MimiOTravels Miami 5
Tube Dress and Dapmod Shades which I Loved!

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  • Eat on Ocean Drive

You’ve just had a long walk and definitely need to fuel up. Please don’t head back to your hotel to do so, rather, grab lunch/dinner on Ocean drive. The options are endless and from the two different spots I tried, I’d say the food is pretty amazing. A useful tip for picking the right spot would be the music. As much as you can, walk the entire strip and settle on a spot with a menu and music that appeals to you. We let the music guide our selection the second time around and ended up having the best lunch ever for over 3 hours!

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  • Always Look Swanky!

‘Swanky’ was our theme word while there  and I always tried to stay true to the theme! As much as it’s fun, Miami is a pretty superficial city and you want to fit right in. Stay true to yourself with your style choices and please be comfortable (you know I don’t compromise on that for nothing) but definitely stay swanky always, particularly at night time.

MimiOTravels Miami 6
Fablane by Derin Dress
MimiOTravels Miami 21
Manu Blouse and Shorts by my Tailor, Mr. Monday


  • Say Yes to the Drinks

There’s mimosas and shots and bottomless cocktails everywhere; say yes to them all! Okay I’m kidding (not really) and I’m not trying to get you drunk (maybe I am) but you’re on vacation and it’s only for a few days, so get those drinks in!

MimiOTravels Miami 8

MimiOTravels Miami 17


  • Go to One Major Club…

…or more, but don’t underestimate the small ones!

At this point it’s pretty clear that Miami is a party city so make sure you experience the very best of it. There’s a number of big clubs complete with all the lights and works and you definitely want to experience one of those. Don’t forget to make sure you can vibe to the music style of the night; a simple search on google is all the confirmation you need.

If you stay in a hotel like I advised, you can get tips from the concierge on where to go. They actually get daily updates on where it’s popping off so just let him/her know what kind of vibe you’re looking for and they’ll let you know where to go. Our concierge advised us to go to the Wall at W our first night there (thursday) and even though it’s a smaller one, we had the best time!

MimiOTravels Miami 15


  • Rent a Boat

This is one of the things I didn’t do but I sure wish I did. It’s pretty easy to rent a boat for a couple of hours and if you’re in a large group, the cost is actually actually sane. For an hour, you can have one to yourselves for about $600 and a couple is all you need on one of those bad boys. Get your amazing photo ops, jump into the water, take the sun in, do some water sports/activities…all from the comfort of your own boat. Sounds amazing right? I know.

MimiOTravels Miami 3


  • And whatever you do, DO NOT LEAVE ON SUNDAY!

This has to be my biggest regret on the trip. You know how you take weekend trips and leave Sunday evening because things wind down? Not Miami! Apparently, its ‘Livest’ on Sundays with a big day to night party on Nikki Beach and the biggest party night at Liv. I didn’t do any of these unfortunately so I can’t tell you first hand how they went, but where three of more different people ask you what you’re thinking leaving on a Sunday, you know you’re making a mistake!

And that’s it! Hopefully this is helpful to you on your next trip to Miami. I’m open to answering more questions so please ask me down below if you want to, and if you haven’t already, definitely plan a trip to Miami!!!






    • You’re welcome Sandra!

      We got a family suite that was pretty spacious; it cost a little over $2000 which when split wasn’t half bad! Remember, the more the better!


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