For The Life Of Mimi – #MimiOTravels: One Dallas Night


While in Houston, I decided to take a road trip to Dallas as it wasn’t that far away plus I had a friend there. My expectations for the trip were honestly pretty low and I was prepared for a couple days spent lazying around indoors. To me, after being in Houston for a while, there wouldn’t be much to Dallas anymore.

Turns out I was wrong! I had a really enjoyable time there and got a bit into the Dallas social life which I loved! It was good music, good food and good vibes all round; what more could you ask for in a city right?! On my last night there, I decided to try out Mexican food at at restaurant a friend recommended to me while in London.

As always, I wanted to dress the part. Now don’t ask me why, but the word ‘flamenco’ kept ringing in my head and I had the perfect Ankara print dress with the most exaggerated sleeves in my possession. The dress was greatly inspired by a Stella Jean piece Bey wore recently which is why I had to have it when I saw it.

Mimi Onalaja Erilyn by Temitope 1

Mimi Onalaja Erilyn by Temitope 3

Mimi Onalaja Erilyn by Temitope 2

Mimi Onalaja Erilyn by Temitope 5

Mimi Onalaja Erilyn by Temitope 4

Mimi Onalaja Erilyn by Temitope

The restaurant, Mi Cocina, is located in a beautiful mall in Highland Park. I got such New Orleans (can’t wait to visit!) vibes with the lights, brown colours and general ambience and I fell totally in love.

Mimi O Travels Dallas 7

Mimi O Travels Dallas 9

Mimi O Travels Dallas 8

Mimi O Travels Dallas 12

Mimi O Travels Dallas 3

My Mexican food experience was a good one too! I made sure to be certain of the components of my choice and was very happy with the familiarity of the rice and beans. I loved the tacos and Mi Cocina definitely has the best lemonade I’ve had ever, which is why I was elated with the free refill to go!

Mimi O Travels Dallas 5

Mimi O Travels Dallas 2

Mimi O Travels Dallas 1

Mimi O Travels Dallas 10

Mimi O Travels Dallas 4

Mimi O Travels Dallas 6

Overall, Dallas was definitely a good experience and as a side note, if you ever visit, make sure to go to a place called ‘Happiest Hour’ downtown. It’s pretty big with indoor, outdoor and rooftop lounge areas; lots of people but far from cramped, good drinks and pretty good food too. Would I go to Dallas again? Yup!

Mimi O Travels Dallas 11


Dress: Erilyn by Temitope

Purse: MyT5S

Hair: Hair by Beesroots

Photography: My Amazing ‘Shuellz’









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