For The Life Of Mimi – It’s All In The Sleeves


Because I haven’t been here in a while, it’s my first time here this year, it’s still January and this is something I’ve somehow programmed myself to say a lot, I’ll just say it again – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Last year I was consistent on For The Life Of Mimi, then I was not, then I was back with promises of a better column, then I was gone again, then I silently crept back in but only for a fleeting moment but that was it till now. Sigh. I’m not going to make any promises this time because track record, but know this – I have decided to make Consistency and Growth my personal theme for the year and I definitely plan to show that a huge deal on here. That should give you a pretty good idea where I’m headed!

All that being said, can I make a little style trend prediction? It was all in the shoulders last year which was amazing! I honestly thought (and still do) that it was the prettiest style out there, so much so that I never got tired of seeing it or wearing it, not once.

Style Space Africa
Vintage We Are

We’re not done with it yet, which is absolutely fine but there’ll be an addition to this viral trend – interesting/dramatic sleeves! I’ve already started to see them make their entrance with the big ruffles and bell sleeves but watch them get way bigger from here on!

Style Space Africa
Fablane by Derin

Is this a trend I’ll be jumping on? I already am! Will you be joining me? You should!








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