For The Life Of Mimi – Wedding Guest Series: Switch Up!


Lagos was buzzing over the weekend with the wedding that had as it’s theme ‘Fascinators and Fedoras’, #CHOBS16. When I got the invite, my initial reaction was “Nahhhh”, no way I’m wearing anything on my head. You see, fascinators to me are pretty OTT and very far from my style, and I can’t remember ever wearing them voluntarily, save for those bridal parties I was a part of in my teenage years (which weren’t exactly voluntarily now that I think about it).

However, as the day drew dangerously close, I had a rethink and decided that it wasn’t about me but about the couple, and if fascinators were what they wanted, then that’s what they would get! I wouldn’t exactly appreciate it, if I wanted my guests to turn out in a particular way on my big day and got zero compliance now, would I? Exactly.

Because I’m a baby fascinator wearer, I wanted the simplest option I could get and had settled for a flat cap type with a single brooch on it and one major rule – NO FEATHERS! However, I saw another Alice band type which I immediately loved and guess who showed up in a few feathers. You guessed right.

Mimi Onalaja Wedding Makeup 1

Mimi Onalaja Wedding Makeup 2

Mimi Onalaja Wedding Makeup

I made a last minute outfit change from a demure blouse and skirt option that fit very easily with the theme and decided to switch things up with a funky top in the most gorgeous colourful fabric and pants with a little extra extra. It tied in unexpectedly but fit perfectly with the fascinator and coupled with my bold beauty look, I loved every bit of it.

Mimi Onalaja Tubo Wedding 1

Mimi Onalaja Tubo Wedding 2

Mimi Onalaja Tubo Wedding 3

As there was a lot going on already, I kept my accessories to a minimum with a sparkly clutch, simple earrings, a couple of bracelets  and a few rings.

Mimi Onalaja Wedding Accessories

Mimi Onalaja Wedding Accessories 1

Mimi Onalaja Tubo Wedding

I stepped out of my comfort zone on this one and I’m so glad I did. Not only did I satisfy the couple even though in a minute way, I had so much fun with this look. Like I’ve said before, success is when your style choice makes you happy, and happy I was indeed!


Photography: Dare for Debonair Photography

Outfit: Tubo Clothings

Fabric: F.O.T.L.O.A.C.

Fascinator: Carpe Diem Designs

Makeup: Beauty by Queen

Clutch and Rings: Ornaments by Shoppies

Nails: Baked by Vane Polish





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