Locs & Purple Agbada – A First Timer’s Confession!


The pseudonym of the word ‘agbada’ can standardly be referred to as a  Yoruba Demon Wear   with emphasis to the technicality of that term, as it affects the general culture, lifestyle and social life of Nigerians in general.

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I have on many occasions experienced on second-hand basis, how a man in an agbada is well respected wherever he finds himself, especially in this new age where Saturdays and Sundays can’t go by peacefully without a red letter traditional function – weddings, birthday parties, celebration of life, etc. Men in agbada are somewhat celebrated as demigods.

Taking a sober reflection down memory lane, I envisage how, growing up, some of my dad’s friends decked themselves in agbada, although then, the agbadas were made from lace fabric. One could notice the respect, dignity and royalty they commanded from male and especially female onlookers.

Jordan Abiola Agbada Style (8)

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Now and as a man, you’re referred to as a demon – a Yoruba one, a deity of some sort, mini-god even, whether you are attending a wedding party, gate crashing a celebration of life, or making an appearance on the red carpet.

Agbadas are a statement making fashion ensemble especially when donned properly with the right accessories and footwear.

Personally though, I never thought I would catch myself, my hippie self, in agbada, especially with the current craze of almost everyone wanting to belong in the Agbada Gang (you know what this means right?). Sometimes you don’t hate like something you have never tried, just because you have never tried it. We can juxtapose that to our everyday living in terms of being afraid to fail on the way to success, so it is advised to at least, try.

Jordan Abiola Agbada Style (7)

I decided to take the step by trying one to see what the outcome would be. I figured that with my locs, sporting an agbada would be a sight to behold and yes, it was!

Jordan Abiola Agbada Style (1)


It was to this effect that I wore an agbada to my church’s thanksgiving service this past Sunday.


Purple, which happens to be my best colour was my choice when I was asked by my designer, the specifics of my agbada. I couldn’t be more impressed with the black embroidery that came with it as I unwrapped this Yoruba Demon Kit while getting ready to clad myself in it.

Jordan Abiola Agbada Style (5)

To break it down, I decided to play safe with it as a first-timer without too many accessories. With my gold dice cufflinks, and Casio gold wristwatch, I was set to steal people’s hearts. To think that I have dreadlocks, I couldn’t wait to see what I’d look like and was glad at the outcome.

Please don’t mind my shoes that much. They are Giorgio Armani’s.

Jordan Abiola Agbada Style (3)

Following the great compliments I got from all and sundry, I think I am finally ready to be inducted into the Agbada Gang and curate more agbada-inspired stories.

Jordan Abiola Agbada Style (2)

See the happy photos below and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you as I plan to take notes. Until then, keep your daughters away!

Jordan Abiola Agbada Style (6)







  1. Awesome article! I couldn’t agree with you more on the reactions we guys get when we rock agbadas. Next one you should don, is The White Agbada. With your locs, that’s gonna be a epic!!

  2. Brilliant article! The Agbada used to be considered as old school nd meant for the elders. But its a great thing the youths are now changing the Agbada game. The purple Agbada plus the locs is everything! U’d definitely be called a ‘Yoruba demon’ rocking this. Yea u should try a white Agbada as well, that’ll make u a ‘Yoruba Angel’ i guess


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