Looking Stylish In The Rainy Season

Stylish Looks for The Rainy Season


With the “Rainy Season” comes mud, puddles, drips and any other synonym that can be linked to  the splashing of water in general. Looking stylish during the rainy season (spring) is not something most people consider, because unlike the sunny season (summer) where you put on whatever you like, bright/dull colours, high heels/flats, dress-to-match or slay being in the heat… the thought alone of being drenched by a heavy downpour or by the puddles on the road is something we all try to avoid. Styles highly considered during the rainy season are restricted to; thick cardigans, rain boots/rubber shoes, rain coats, denim jean etc.

LV rain boot
An LV rain boot, stylish for the rainy season

However I am of the opinion that you don’t have to let the rainy season dictate what you can or can’t wear. It is very possible to look stylish and stand-out still, all you need are these minor tips I’d be dishing out to enable you stay better equipped and on cue. I would be addressing briefly styles or highlighting ideas for both the ladies and the gentlemen. Ladies, of worthy note are the trendy transparent easy to wear rain coats, which prevent you from the splash, or puddles, while still allowing you to showcase your fashion style, rather than wearing the plain old yellow rain coat, looking like a fireman. To go with these trendy rain coat, would be a pair of ankle socks, and snickers or a stylish rain boot (an LV rain boot), giving you a business casual look, while keeping your feet warm and safe.

Business Casual stylish look for the rainy season
A Business Casual Stylish Look for Ladies in The Rainy Season

The guys aren’t left out also, most guys don’t fancy the ideas of rain coats, so I suggest you get a trendy, stylish colour of umbrella which goes with most colours of the clothing in your wardrobe. You could also get fanciful sweaters/cardigans (that aren’t so thick like winter jackets) or a nice blazer, a good shirt, with a good pair of snickers or shoes-on-the-go (i.e shoes for all seasons), to enable you achieve the business casual look and give you mobility.

Stylish look for the rainy season
Stylish look for the rainy season

Don’t let the rain “ruin your parade”. Always remember, looking stylish in the rainy season is very possible… It all depends on you.

Images:  pinterest.com, madailygist.com


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