Louis Vuitton Releases Second Capsule With Jeff Koons


Get ready ladies your bag collection is about to double as art. Following the successful release of a collaboration with artist Jeff Koons, Loius Vuitton just announced a second collection on their Instagram this morning.

The bags unveiled on the brand’s Instagram account on Thursday morning are a continuation of the first collection, inspired by Koons’ “Gazing Ball” series. Each bag features an iconic work from a classic artist and this time around we can see the works of Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, Édouard Manet, Nicolas Poussin, J.M.W. Turner and François Boucher — with the artist’s name in gold lettering and Koons’s initials paired with the iconic ‘LV’ monogram.

The collection which would be released on the 27th of October which is about a week away, see every piece from the collection below:



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