We Love a Chilled and Stylish Chadwick Boseman in Mr Porter Magazine


Lead actor of awaited block buster, Chadwick Boseman is featured in Mr Porter’s Latest issue and we absolutely love it.

In the issue he talks in-depth about the movie, and cites certain differences between himself and the character he plays.

In Black Panther, he plays King T’Challa, the leader of Wakanda, an unconquered and advanced African nation. And T’Challa is an altogether more imposing presence. While Mr Boseman is tactile and loose, tapping me on the arm and shoulder, pointing and gesturing “like I’m doing a hip-hop beat”, T’Challa is the opposite. “I studied that quiet strength, how the body exudes it,” he says. “I looked at Masai warriors, I watched the Shaka Zulu movies. And other leaders like Patrice Lumumba [the Congolese independence leader]. Obama. I listened to Mandela’s speeches in my trailer.”

He also addresses various issues surrounding what promises to be an absolute fave of the super hero movie loving crowd, you can read more on www.mrporter.com.

For the edit he poses casually in Gucci, Remi Reelief, Handvaerk, Officine Generale, Kapital, Rag and bone, Thom Sweeney, Prada, J. Crew, Our Legacy, Oliver Spencer, CMMN SWDN, Berluti, The Elder Statesman, Mr P, Saint Laurent, Freemans Sporting Club and Maison Margiela.

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