For the Love of Weddings; Wedding Guest Style


I love weddings, I think they are so beautiful and while waiting for my prince, I can’t wait for the day I say my vows in the presence of God and all the people I love.

However, before that all so amazing day comes, I’ll go out every other weekend and celebrate with people I know who have found that love. I had one of those weekends and as expected it was a beautiful experience.

Like all event, weddings included, whenever I get an invitation one of the first things that comes to mind is what I’ll wear. If I’m being totally honestly I get more excited about the event if I’m excited about my outfit.

For my most recent wedding escapade, I decided to dig up pieces from my closet which I’ve owned for a while but never really wore. I decided to go with with a maroon top and peach skirt. I really loved the look and I think what gave it the pizazz it needed was the massive bow in front.

Outfit Details

Top – Eman Zazzar

Skirt – Asos

Sandals – Asos

Purse – Asos



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