Loza X Alien edits


Loza Maleombho is a name, scratch that; brand, that needs no introductions. The designer and artiste brings to mind a lot of things, it could be Beyonce’s video or, the off shoulder heart neckline Ankara dress or her ‘in a class of their own’ incredibly artsy look books, and now her game changing selfies.

Have you ever visited Loza’s instagram page, no? Then you need to do this asap, like right now. From her designs, to her simple and very unique hairdos, and now, her selfie project #alienedits.


This project like everything else about Loza is so super duper artsy, she took something as simple and vain as a selfie and turned it into an awareness. Loza’s alien edit has been featured on CNN, Marie Claire and loads of other international platforms.

Right now the edits seem like they are ending and I most definitely hope I’m wrong. The edits have had a series of varying concepts from avatar to ivory and tusk to a chicken ( I kid you not), but they always look perfect and bring to you a certain awareness of the said concept.

Loza has inspired me with this project, I hope they continue (or maybe she has some other tricks up her sleeves) and I hope it inspires you too.



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