In Her Makeup Bag – Aderonke Enoabasi Adefalujo Of Rhonkefella Makeover


Aderonke Enoabasi Adefalujo is a professional makeup-artist, style influencer/blogger and the creative director of the beauty and fashion brand, Rhonkefella.

In Her Makeup Bag Rhonkefella 2

According to her, she usually does not like to spend too much time on her face, so she keeps it really simple or totally bare on most days, except for some really special days. Simple or not, Ronke has some makeup products she cannot do without, which we are more than elated to share with you.

In Her Makeup Bag Rhonkefella

Read about the products and why she cannot do without each of them below:

Mary Kay foundation in 507

IHMB Mary Kay 507

I am so obsessed with its full coverage.

Mac NC41/42

IHMB Mac SPF Foundation NC45

I use my Mac NC41/42 to highlight my under eyes the T-zone and every where necessary.

Davis Pencil

In Her Makeup Bag Davis

Hmmm! I am loyal to this one ooo! I have tried others but I don’t know, I guess I’m just a traditionalist. Lol. I use color 18 when I want my brows lighter and color 3 when I want them bold and darker depending on my mood.

Mac Concealer In NC45

IHMB MAC-Studio-Finish-Concealer-01

My MAC concealer in NC45 to highlight my brows always.


In Her Makeup Bag Lashes

Eyelashes are of utmost importance to me, whether on myself or on a client. I would rather wear them alone without powder. I definitely cannot do without them. sometimes even when my face is totally bare I still take time to wear my lashes just because I totally love the definition it gives to my eyes. Most times, I even double them for more volume.This helps define my eyes and it changes my entire look even without any powder on.

Mac Studio Fix In NC50

In Her Makeup Bag Mac-Studio-Fix-Powder-Plus-Foundation_nc50_01

I always have my Mac studio fix pressed powder to complete my look. Always, and in Nc 50.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope a lady especially of my skin shade learns one or two from this.









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