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Ezinne Alfa is a beauty blogger, and the brain behind beauty directory, BIL Directory and the beauty blog, Beauty in Lagos. She is always spot on with her makeup looks and her beauty routine is one that we all take a few tips from regularly. We got her to share what is in her makeup bag and how she manages to keep her makeup clean, effortless and pretty.

ezinne alfa



Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel ’77’

Inglot gel eyeliner 77

For me, eyeliner makes all the difference when it comes to my makeup. This is the blackest black gel liner I have come across and I believe me, I have gone through a LOT of other gel liners. Inglot’s still leading the pack.


MAC Blot Powder

Mac blot powder

I use this to set my foundation and also for touch-ups throughout the day. It’s very lightweight and quite translucent, so it doesn’t interfere with the tone of other products you apply before.


Zaron Hyper blush – 01 Mudfest

Zaron Hyperblush ‘01 Mudfest’

I love the fact that this provides dual capabilities for me, I use it to contour my cheekbones and lightly dusted on my cheeks, it also functions as a blush too.


Becca ‘Champagne Pop’ Shimmering Skin Perfector


This literally looks like ‘chrome’ on the skin. You can definitely spot this on someone’s cheekbones from a mile away.


MAC ‘Cinder Black’ ProLongwear Waterproof Colour Stick

MAC ‘Cinder Black’ ProLongwear Waterproof Colour Stick

This works perfect in the waterline and blends beautifully.


EOS Lipbalm

EOS Lipbalm

This is an absolute necessity for me.


Taos ‘Lulua’ Velvetine

TAOS single velvetine liquid lipstick

I like that it looks different on everyone and compliments every skin tone


Hegai & Esther Eyebrow Definer in Nubia

Hegai & Esther Eyebrow Definer ‘Nubia’

I use this daily to fill-in my brows. As a junkie, I have tried numerous other alternatives and I keep coming back to this one.


Thank You Ezinne! 








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