In Her Makeup Bag – Stephanie Ani


Stephanie Ani  is a Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger whose makeup expertise has made her a fast favourite among celebrities and elite in Nigeria.


We had the opportunity to ask her for her fave products in her makeup bag and here’s what she had to say:

I am currently in love with a whole lot of makeup products but I’m going to list a few products that I can’t do without at the moment.

Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation


This foundation is my all time favorite and I’ve been using it for quite a while now. I am probably on my fourth bottle. I love the coverage of this product and the fact that it is buildable during application. It is very lightweight like the name clearly states, creamy and leaves off a very glowy finish.

Laura Macier Loose Setting Powder


When doing full face makeup, loose powders are always a necessity especially if you are looking for a really defined makeup look that stand out and also when concealing the under eye area. I always reach out for my Laura Mercier loosed setting Powder because it gives off a sheer bronzy finish and doesn’t crease. That’s why I’m loving this product right now.

Mac Taupe Lipstick

This lipstick is my go to lipstick, it cuts across bold and nude. Depending on how I decide to apply it, I can get a heavy bold lip colour out of it or a soft warm brown. I usually mix this up with a brighter nude shade to reduce the colour to make it less deep than it already is. Love, love this lipstick

Hegai and Esther Brow Gel in Nubian 


Brows are really important to me cause they make the face and I love a great brow gel, Hegai and Esther eyebrow definer is a go for me every time, I use it on myself and on my clients as well, they come in different shades but I often use the shade Nubian. This Brow gel is waterproof and glides on the skin easily and that what I love about this product.

Nivea Lip Essential Care 


For those days that I want to let my face breathe, I always always keep my lips moisturized. This is very key for me cause once I start to get dehydrated during the day, the first place that it shows is on my lips.  They just dry out and this lip balm comes in very handy during these periods.







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