Mayday, Mayday, it’s Bey-day!!!


Yes people of God, its Bey-day and we cannot keep calm.









Beyonce who turns 36 today, is one of the most beloved females of all time, it’s really rare to find anyone who doesn’t have at least one thing they like or admire about her.

For some its her incredible display of hard work and perfection in everything she does, for others its that voice that could hit the highest pitch one second and the next drown you in its richness and depth, and for others its that beautiful face and body that is completely unabashed and female.


For me its in her ability to take complete and total control of her life, whether its how much of her personal life she chooses to let out or her replies to stupid comments which only come once and in form of yet a new song so you get to pay for them (yhup), to her strong stance on feminism ( half the lads who know what the word means today didn’t know this until ‘flawless’).

So we put up a couple (maybe more than a couple, lol) of our favorite Beyonce stylish and truly epic moments;


Beyonce represents eons of good things that women everywhere stand for, and perhaps that is why she is and would probably be forever bey-loved.


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