Mente De Moda Promises To Save You Costs Even As You Upgrade


Mente De Moda definitely means business this month and with the economy right now, we are concerned about how it affects our vendors and most importantly it affects our customers.

With the increase in fuel prices and automatic acceleration in the cost of living, here are three ways Mente De Moda will save you costs even as you upgrade.


free uber rides mente de moda
It is not news that the fuel subsidy has been removed and the price of fuel has hiked to N145, we know, you’re still trying to catch your breath from that. However, we are creating other means of saving your fuel while giving you convenience and what better way to do it than Uber?  Luckily they are friends with Mente De Moda and we have promo codes that ensure you get a discount when coming to the event. We’re the best- we know!


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Let’s be honest, we all love a good old discount, especially when we can get almost up to half off. Surveys have shown that SME vendors sell products for up to 40% less than the average market price. Now if this is not a way of cutting costs, we don’t know what is. Mente De Moda has you covered on the economical shopping front. Don’t forget, as with most things in Nigeria, negotiate the price until you cannot price any lower.

The saying goes that you should not look like what you’re going through. Our great nation may be going through hard economic times, however you don’t have to look like it. Fuel crisis or not, we have got to keep it trendy and Mente De Moda is here to help you do that.

This shopping experience is not a guilty pleasure this time around; it’s a necessary one. Looking good makes you feel good, and feeling good means Nigeria is a happier place!
There is always a sunny side up, even when it comes to spending when money is not as buoyant as usual. We hope these three tips will be saving grace to you in the midst of these trying times. Keep your head up, keep the fire burning and see you bright and early at our June edition.

Bonus point: We have so many amazing vendors lined up this month

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By Elizabeth Adeola Ayoola


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