Meshy goodness


Incoming trend alert, the Mesh is in the building, and its not alone as jeans are definitely attached to it because more wonderful things come in twos right?

This new or not so new trend has definitely gotten my attention. Its the long flowy see through mesh dress and denim fever, and it makes for the most ultra cool and chic street style outfits.

Sheer has been around for a while, but not quite like this. The old sheer was mostly lacy pieces, or in shimmery crystal form.


This new see through has a more artsy, boho feel and should most definitely be added to the boho-chic girl memo.

The sheer piece is not for all and almost always gets criticism for being vulgar or some other accusation that’s pretty close, I’m also not a sheer fan but I think this mesh and denim form is something I could definitely see myself wearing, I think this mesh could be different, what about you?


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