Michelle Okoro, Melanin Queen Of Swimsuits


Michelle Okoro; popular on social media as a model based in the US. Born to an Egyptian mother and a Nigerian father. Michelle who went through some ills while growing up, has now channelled the negative past into fuelling her art and motivating people. At just 25, she is well-known for her love for swimsuit modelling. With the way she adorns the swimsuit, it would seem as if she were perfectly carved out just for this purpose. Her dark caramel, melanin skin, gracefully beautifies the swimsuit, and she knows it. She effortlessly shows time and time again why people look towards the summer, and how lovely a swimsuit with a perfect body is. michelle okoro

In her own words she says “If you continue to follow the flock you will not know how it feels to fly solo. So go ahead and spread your wings.”michelle okoro

michelle okoro

michelle okoro

michelle okoro

michelle okoromichelle okoro

Images: themichelleokoro/instagram


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