Movie Fashion – Being Mary Jane


Before you ever saw Cult TV series, ‘Being Mary Jane’ on BET, did you ever wonder what kind of lifestyle news anchors lived, did you realize just how much you influenced their choices from wardrobe to hair, to personal lifestyle by just tuning in when they are on, to boost their ratings? For myself I know the only time I ever thought about them was when they appeared on my screen after that it’s Aurevoir.

But Mary Jane or MJ if you like changed all of that for me, now each time I see a news anchor I find myself wondering what kind of life she lives, if she’s married or has kids, maybe a baby daddy, relatives that are trouble, if she was dating a married man, what she thinks about booty calls, if she ever tried to have sex with a colleague on the very desk they read news from (ewww), or If her colleague is trying to take her job, quite a lot for one person right, but such is the lot of the modern black woman.

I also find myself paying a lot more attention to their outfits, which surprisingly I never really noticed before except it was exceptional.

The style in Being Mary Jane echoed that of the modern, independent, working woman. There were a lot of form hugging midi dresses with intricate cuts which is the uniform for today’s working woman, Power suits in bright colors, jersey mini dresses, silk or chiffon rompers, chambray rather than denim, with hair and makeup kept even toned and as natural as possible.

At the start of the show she was a working lady with a wild nature which reflected in her outfits, and a fierce in-control trait which the chic hair cuts hinted at. This though suffers a setback after her accident and losing her job, Mary Jane’s style then took a more toned down pattern, with darker colors (like how many different black outfits can you fit into one season) and longer regular hair which was in tune with the serious no-nonsense persona’s of the morning news reporters that were her new colleagues. She bounces back towards the end though, perhaps with a little motivation from a certain uhm colleague. She goes back gradually to the brighter colors, sexier dresses that show a bit of skin with the cut outs and tiny slits, which also signals her final stage on the road to recovery.

The style for Being Mary Jane was special not just because her persona had such a great sense of style it inspired the creation of a working woman’s collection by New York and Co., but because like style was meant to it told a story perfectly.


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