Movie fashion: Sex and the city


You have to be a cave man if you haven’t seen this movie, because I’m sure even cave women have seen it.

Like we say in pidgin, ‘dem never born the director wey go do fashion movie wey pass this one’ , Yhup he ain’t born yet!

Sex and the city is a movie that birthed street style as we know it now. Yes I said it.

The movie showed high fashion in all its glory, from frills and fur to full dresses on casual days. It showed us how to wear a tee with a dramatic skirt, and for many it birthed Carrie Bradshaw the fictional style goddess who may be a real life model for some. Who could ever forget the wedding dress of all wedding dresses, with the lone feather veil!

It also showed us friendship and how to take it a notch higher, by coordinating looks stylishly. This was not the coordination of outfits for 16 year old high school Mean Girls, but for grown supportive women.

It also gave us stylish feminism, and gave a whole new definition to what you mean when you say ‘relationships ‘.

This movie is, I say is because it still is, Fashion’s baby girl for life!



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