My Classic Man


Like most people, I first met my classic man about 2 years and 3 months ago but I’ve loved him for about 12 months. Thing with love is, you never really know when it happens, it just does. So there isn’t this one mind-blowing thing that happened which made me fall in love, it was just an accumulation of things.

There’s literally 10 reasons why I love Jidenna Theodore Mobisson and when I was putting this article together it just occurred to be that majority of them could be put under one big umbrella – style.  I know a lot of people talk about the way he dresses, which I’m totally in love with, but it’s more than that. It’s his intelligence, his hair, eyes, shape of his face, shoes, his presence (both on and off stage), the dance, the twinkle in his eyes when he sings, heck even the way he runs and professes his love.

For Jidenna, style is everything because in his words, “a man’s presentation is a reflection of himself”. You’ll typically see him in three-piece suits with ties and pocket squares made of West African fabrics or Nigerian native attire, and of course his very famous walking stick. I decided to take a closer look at the lover to discover what makes him almost perfect and I thought to share my findings just in case you know someone who’ll need it;



The fit of an outfit makes all the difference in your appearance. According to Jidenna, “a great tailor is like a great personal trainer; they both cut into the natural physique” so you might want to invest more time in finding a great tailor.


A great suit is amazing but it’s the details you think no one is really looking at that definitely counts. How your walking stick needs to be the same shade as your shoes, when to wear a pair or socks and when to skip it altogether or knowing exactly wear your sleeves should end. It’s really in the little things like the top button of your shirt being in gold while the rest are white.


…and jewelry help to get you noticed, but the plan is to make sure people are noticing for the right reasons. Think chains, watches, bracelets, rings, hip flasks, bags, walking sticks and hats. The goal is to accentuate your main pieces not overwhelm them so do it in moderation. Also fragrances are an essential “accessory”. Agreed, no one sees cologne when you’re wearing it, but you need to smell good hunny.

Consider the whole package

A complete outfit is made up of different single pieces and it goes beyond mindlessly throwing on things you believe look good. You need to make sure they compliment each other. Think about it like a car or a great piece of painting, things need to be fitted in the right places with the right colour palettes to make an amazing work of art.


Beyond all of this, confidence is also a major factor to having great style. You don’t need to have the most expensive things to look clean or sharp, you just need to own your look because there are no rules to this sh*t. To borrow and repurpose one of Yves Saint Laurent famous sayings, what is important in an outfit is the person who is wearing it. So don’t just dress like a classic man…be one.

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Image credits: TY Bello, SelectaStyle, Aviva Klein, Frazer Harrison, Vibe



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