My Secret Garden


Living in Lagos can often feel like being on a never ending roller coaster. It’s just a constant exhilarating rides from the heady merry go round of  work commitments and social functions to weekends packed with catching up with friends and sightseeing trips. Sometimes the most luxurious experience is one that is completely free and that is taking some quality alone time to recharge and become rejuvenated.

My inner geek can never say no to a good book so finding a quiet spot in my back garden and chilling under the shade of a vast tree with over arching branches makes me feel like I’ve been transported to YSL’s Jardin Majorelle in Morocco basking in the warmth of the vibrant colours and wild garden plants. That shift in consciousness for just an hour or two does more mind, body and soul detoxing than a day at the spa, wellness can never be underestimated and as someone very clever once said “You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first.”.

Till next time my loves.




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