Nail Polish Review: Pretty in Pink


Before this column, I’ll go to the nail salon and have the same manicure on for about two-three weeks. However, I’ve been making that trip a lot more frequently and honestly I like it. I actually really enjoy the trip that comes with experimenting with new colours and so far there isn’t anyone that I have strongly disliked.

Avour Nail Polish


Last week, I was on about how I had 3 different colours to pick from before I settled with green. While I wasn’t sure which colour to wear next Damie (a very frequent reader of my articles) made the choice for me. Thanks Damie!! Based on her recommendation, I went with Pink colour 42 from the Avour Matte Series collection.

Nail Polish

What I Thought:

I’ve never worn pink on my nails in all my life, even when those nude natural looking ones were a thing so this was and is an absolute first for me. I remember thinking it was a tad too bright but not that overwhelming as it’s a matte polish. This is probably a good time to mention the green colour has a better matte finish than the pink.


Avour Matte Polish Review

Matte Polish


If you’re like me, only wear pink if it’s matte (lol). On the real though, I think I’m somewhere on the fence with this, I don’t love it but I also don’t hate it. A huge part of me believes I’ll be so into it by the middle of the week that I will consider wearing it again.

Nail Polish

Avour Matte Polish Review

That’s my nail polish story for the week.

Have a colorful one.




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