The Natives Restaurant – Yet Another Reason to Love Festac Town?


A good seat at a restaurant makes us think better of ourselves and how you want people to see you, I must say there are no bad seats at THE NATIVES RESTAURANT on 32 road FESTAC Town, Lagos. The ambience and decor at Native Foods restaurant made me feel good about myself.

As you walk in through the glass entrance, you are welcomed with a rush of cool air like you are hang-gliding through the coast of Victoria falls and your gaze is competed for by the three LED Flat screen TVs at opposing walls of the restaurant with one showing the news, another showing the sports channel and the other showing a blockbuster movie. The walls also have portraits of Nigerian Legends like Fela, Nnamdi Azikiwe …, but what stole my gaze the most is the glass Kitchen, that reveals the Chefs doing their magic, decorated with intranet display of menus for the day and a video showing clients how to utilize the state of the art water dispenser cum hand dryer.

On each table you’ll find a beeper which you press to order, call for your bill or just to tease a waitress (not kidding) and every waiter/waitress has a beeping wristwatch that communicates a beep from a customer and immediately you are presented with the ‘book of life’, sorry menu.

The taste of the Uwana native sauce with Yam chips was divine, but the Afang soup was not so Afang. The meals are very affordable and it’s definitely not a place that when presented with your bill you would need an apron and staff I.D to start performing chores for at least a week.

The service delivery is good, because they don’t get tired of replying your numerous questions. The Hygiene is perfect with the easy to use hand wash machine and the non-sticky tables ….

As the name suggests and with the kind of food served, one would assume that the demographic should be middle aged and senior citizens but I guess the beauty of the restaurant attracts the young working class generation. The restaurant is accessible and easy to locate, with adequate parking spaces for an average-sized restaurant.

Every man has two sides to himself; the good and the bad, likewise Native foods restaurant. Here are my cons or rather things I feel they should work on ….

* Security; I don’t want to come to a place that has no representation of order in person of a guard because I feel if there is no form of security at the entrance, anything can happen for example stolen properties, loose psychopaths.

* It breaks my heart to say this, guys, I can’t stop wailing, THEY DO NOT HAVE WI-FI. WHY!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS DISCRIMINATION! No matter how terrible the Wi-Fi is, even if it is as slow as the government, place a router. It’s another way to distract people from knowing how long they have waited for their orders.

*Lastly, prepare your meals fast, I did not come to watch TV, look at portraits and ingest cool air. I came to eat good food.

They say residents of FESTAC town never like to come out of their province because we have it all Like the movies, the shopping malls, the markets etc., Well I guess Native Foods restaurant is another reason to stay and welcome everyone else to our hood.


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