Natural Hair Tips – How To Add Apple Cider Vinegar To You Regimen


It is very easy to say I want to go natural. But do you know how to keep your natural hair healthy, moisturized and in the best condition ever? From time to time, we like to curate tips on how best to take care of natural hair. 

Culled from nikkibcurly, she tells us the importance of adding Apple Cider Vinegar to your regimen. According to her it gives the natural hair shine, it also helps grow the hair and so on.

Thus if you want your hair healthy and amazing, you have to watch this video below.

Nikkibcurly 1



Video –

Nikki Anyansi is a music head who loves to write but doesn’t read books that are 300 pages long. She loves to tell her style story through her Instagram page, by sticking to her originally. She can literally hate you for killing pets but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t eat animals.  You can keep up with her on Instagram@nikkiandtees or bore yourself with her once a week tweets on Twitter@nikkiandtees








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