Noble & Chioma Igwe Expecting a New Baby


It’s with pleasure that Chioma and I announce our excitement over our new baby and before we reveal the sex ,I’d like I’d like for you to help us shout “ Odikwa Egwu” 43 times.

I know some of you are here to see our maternity shoot while others are here just to confirm what they think they already know. But here’s the truth, we have seen the baby we want to buy and we really want you guys to support us.

I have a  collector’s love for headphones and recently cameras but as you know, you can get almost anything you want as a single dude but with marriage, you have to discuss and agree as a family.

When I first set my eyes on the pretty light-skinned, I knew I wanted her and didn’t want anything to stand between us.

I wasn’t sure my wife would support this but I was thinking and hoping you guys are going to go to the comment section and be like “ Wow! It looks amazing,Get it.”

Just incase you haven’t figured, our new baby is the Leica Sorfort Instant Camera. I know you are wondering why you should support me but deep down in your mind you know that I take amazing pictures and if we get this, then i’d be able to take more amazing pictures. Plus she’s actually a beauty.

Support my family and help us welcome this baby before Christmas.



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