Noble Igwe & The Healthy Lifestyle Struggle


Guys, it’s been a while since I penned something so personal but while waiting for the office internet to behave, Nimide ‘yabbed’ me by offering me a glass of juice followed by the statement “You don’t drink this sort of thing anymore, right?”

For those who know me very well, my life before now has been a long trip of unhealthy eating with “deep” fried things at the very top followed by “small chops” with a bottle of Coca Cola as a constant side of every meal but that recently changed to the glory of God.

Like this small chops Deal Dey package
Deal Dey small chops package

Way before now; a plate of noodles, fried plantain and fried eggs was my preferred breakfast every day of the week but after marriage, the Mrs kept hammering on healthy living and to please her I had few days of healthy living that usually ended with a can of Coca Cola with chocolate biscuit late at night.


I never go to bed early because there are so many TV shows to watch. To relax, I help myself to a big- fat mug of hot chocolate and a saucer filled with Ginger biscuit positioned on the bedside table for easy reach.

I didn’t think so much of the impact on my health as I wasn’t fat (although my tummy begs to differ) so I didn’t see the need to do anything coupled with that fact that my stomach wasn’t too big for minor or extreme “suck belle”. Still, I knew I needed to change before I wrecked myself.

Few weeks ago, I came to the agreement in my head to fix change my lifestyle and take care of my body better. I sat with a bottle of Coke in my living room and had a long conversation about our relationship, we agreed to a mutual long break with bi-monthly visits.

Obviously thinks I'm playing
Obviously thinks I’m playing

So far, we respected that boundary and I’m so happy with the progress even though I heard it takes your body over 6 months to get rid of the toxins (Please educate me if this is true).

Madam started making greens part of my everyday meal and just few days ago, I requested to have oats with a side dish of vegetable, or sometimes fruits, for breakfast.


At the very beginning and some days, it’s still a struggle but I have made more progress this time than ever before. I was at a supermarket few days ago and I bought 8 packs of sweetened yogurt only to be informed at home that “Sweetened” yogurt is not healthy, well at least too much of it but then I’m the one to run far from anything that could draw me back to that life of unhealthy sin.


I was that guy that goes to weddings and leave if they are not sharing small chops but these days I’m doing better. I look at those sweet-little-deep-fried angels and say to myself “Do six months first and then choose a cheat day” from the 7th month upwards.

I know this is hard but I’m sharing this new lifestyle with you so that you can also hold me accountable or offer me water when you see me but on a more serious note, I’d love for you to read and tell me fun healthy meals to try including healthy fun salads.


I have not yet noticed all the changes I was told healthy dieting brings, I guess it’s still early days but I’m so looking forward to it.

If some of you are ready to help me monitor the progress, I’d be sharing the same on here but I’d like to know if you’ll read the story of my struggle with healthy living.

I would have written more but my salad is getting hot.








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  1. Use homemade mashed avocados (gucamole) as your salad dressing. Mayonnaise and the rest is just as bad. End dinners at 6p.m. and have your fridge ready with fruits for the midnight hunger pangs.You’re welcome


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