Noble Igwe Says: “Men, Please For Christ’s Sake Smell Nice”


Man cannot play God but as a good Christian, I believe God created man in His own image. Going by that, it is safe to say that God did not create anyone to smell bad. However, every day in Lagos, you come across a man smelling like someone that woke up on a bag of onions.

bad smell

It is no longer news that women size men up from their shoes up, although I have been told that real women smell you before they even turn to see your shoes.

Teenaged girl pinches nose

The issue of awful smell is so sensitive that most people would rather end a relationship than tell their partner that they smell bad. All my years on earth, I have never had the guts to tell anyone that they smell bad. Instead, I buy them a  perfume. Today, I have decided to contribute my quota towards saving our earth by encouraging men to smell nice.


Before we go any further, you have to promise to have your bath twice a day, shave your underarm regularly and generally maintain good hygiene because bad smell is like pregnancy; nothing can keep it hidden for long. Not even cologne.

This is me trying to help fellow men and even women save their relationship/marriage or even start a new one. You don’t even need to smell nice for any other person. Smell nice for yourself!

good smell

To this effect, I will be sharing with you, 6 perfumes that have gotten me the “You smell so nice” compliment and made it hard for people to let go of me after a hug. Here:

1. The Bvlgari Man Black Orient

A fine combination of spicy aromatic oud and leather perfect for the manly man.


2. Gucci Intense Oud

Made for the man that wants his presence seen and felt, it contains incense, woody notes, leather and oilbanum.

Gucci Oud Intense


3. Aventus Creed for Men

With Aventus Creed, you may smell like every other Lagos big boy, but you’d never be ignored.

Aventus Creed for Men


It is a masculine number filled with blackcurrant, apple, pineapple, musk, vanilla and other fruity scents.

4. Amouage Jubilation for Men

With this, you’d come off smelling like an Arab prince fresh off Emirate Airline.

Amouage Jubilation for Men


Amouage Jubilation is an oriental fougere fragrance for the man in love with orange, teragon, cedar and agar wood.

5. Hugo Boss Bottled Intense

Masculine and luxurious, this one is made for the man who is not afraid to leave his perfume behind in the room after a meeting.

Hugo Boss Bottled Intense

It is rich in sandalwood, cedar and vetiver.

6. Civette Intense SP Parfums Sven Pritzkoleit

I first came across this brand at The Lekki Gift Store in Lagos and it changed my life forever.

Civette Intense SP Parfums Sven Pritzkoleit

Woody and aromatic, it is made for the man who can speak only Igbo but wants to be seen as German.


You would agree with me that I deserve to be made a knight for this article, because I have clearly made it possible for some men not to go unnoticed from today till eternity.

Read and ask me for my delivery address, gifts are accepted.



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  1. When did misleading titles become acceptable in journalism? It stinks. Nigerians need to stop this anything goes attitude.

  2. I love the article!!! I hate it when people don’t smell nice.Even if you cant afford the ones Noble suggested,there are other cheaper ones.So no excuses

  3. You’ve forgotten to mention the img source of the sp parfum bottles: and Civette Intense, as great a fragrance as it is, is basically the extreme opposite of what a typical German man smells like 😉


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