Noble Igwe’s Guide To Beard Grooming (Or How To Join The Beard Gang)


Shaving says a lot about a man, like, I’m not one”, believe me, I didn’t come up with that and  I’m not saying that people without beard are men either but it takes loads of dedication to grow and maintain a beard, a dedication only known to real men.


Bearded Men are natural leaders and this is proven each time you go out with your beardless friends – people always assume you are the leader of the pack.

A beard can are either be substantial stubble or full grown depending on the look you are going for, however, a full-grown beard requires more attention and care.

Some men keep modest stubble due to the nature of their job while others don’t really regard it as beard unless its full grown. Whichever you decide to go for, here are a few simple steps to lead you to beard kingdom.

Progress report from Ebuka's beard journey.
Progress report from Ebuka’s beard journey.



Your beard requires moisture and this starts with waking up and having a bath. You don’t need to get a special soap for your beard as long as the soap you are using is made for the skin and not for cloth washing.

Regular toilet soap can do the trick and you need to wash your beard every morning.

Personally I use Body Shop Satsuma Soap.

The Body Shop satsuma-soap_l


Trim Your Margin.

Facial hair grows in different ways and in different directions. For you to align your beard in the preferred direction while keeping the edges clean, you need to trim your margin at least once a week.

The Wahl Lithium Stubble Trimmer does an amazing job. Cop one!

Wahl Lithium Stubble Beard Trimmer


You need to keep your beard soft and nice the touch at all times. Grab a nice bottle of beard oil and beard conditioner.

A dry beard looks like unkempt pubic hair and that’s never a good look on your face.

I use the Tom Ford beard conditioning oil.

Tobacco Vanile conditioning Beard Oil



A full-grown beard that’s uncombed may look sexy for an Instagram selfie but it takes a lot away from your dressing and will never encourage a lesser man to grow a beard.

Get a beard comb because the facial hair is a bit tender and does not require a closed hair comb.

Tom Ford Beard Comb


The Beard Grooming Kit.

Nothing says Man better than a well-equipped Beard Grooming kit. It’s like the bible of the beard gang, the tool kit of serious beard gang member and something you bring out every Saturday morning for grooming before reading the papers.



Comrades, I have preached the gospel.

It’s on record that no bearded man has ever been turned down by a woman. it’s a bearded man’s world, take it on.





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