#NobleTakesSouthAfrica: The Trip


I’m so badly behaved these days and sometimes I ask myself why. I used to make out time to write but lately, I have been been chasing money and ignoring my love for writing.

To this effect, here’s me making yet another promise to write often and update you on the different things happening in my life. First up is on my latest trip to South Africa.

September 29, 2016

It was like any other regular day at work with roasted plantain on my mind, until I got that invitation from Jennifer informing me that I had been selected as one of the influencers scheduled for a trip to South Africa in October.  

After taking a look at the schedule, I knew I was going to have loads of fun, so I started mind-packing from that moment.

I do this thing where I select outfits in my mind without seeing the actual clothing because I have a huge mental closet that allows me to mix and match the clothes I have or decide what to get to complete outfit with.

I checked the weather for the time of travel and noted a bit of warm clothing would be required, so I made a mental note to pack some.

On getting home, I informed Chioma and then proceeded to check my passport to see if my South Africa visa was still valid for travel, alas; I realised that it had expired the month before.  

I know what you are thinking and I agree with you, for someone who South Africa seems to be his second home, I should have a resident permit by now. I’m working on that and will share the news with you soon.   

Travel day (October 17, 2016)

Chioma was at work and my flight was in the evening so we agreed to meet for an early dinner at Orchid Bistro in GRA Ikeja even though I knew in my heart that such dinners always end with a prayer session.

On getting to Orchid Bistro, I ordered dessert just because I particularly love the food on South African Airways and as an Igbo man, I wanted to save money by eating the food on the plane. You can’t be spending money anyhow in this economy especially now that dollar is hanging on the roof of 1004.

Chioma came to dinner with her laptop and for the first time in a long while, I was the one “not on my phone” during dinner.


Chioma asked for us to go to the car to pray; we prayed, kissed and off to the airport I went.

On getting to the airport, I was approached by a check-in staff to help with my luggage and the rest of check-in was smooth.

I love flying South African Airways from Lagos because of the way they treat me plus my luggage have never been tampered with on any of my trips.



SAA Lagos Lounge

On getting to the lounge, I was informed that my friends were upstairs but I could sit downstairs if I wanted to sit by myself.

Upstairs was a mini Nigerian Catholic Church evening mass going on with some watching football while the rest were either enjoying the free food that comes with the lounge or trying the last minute pick-ups from the tailor/designer/stylist.

I sat down in a corner trying to charge my phone when I heard someone falling down the stairs.

I looked up and saw her falling with her box because she was trying to take a picture with her “sunnies” inside the semi dark lounge.

There and then I knew I was going to have a fun trip.

Until next week…





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