NOBS’ Rainy Season Essentials


The weather in Lagos sucks major basketballs at the moment and it would be totally unfair for me to let you step out of the house unprepared for the messy weather. 

This is clearly not the reason to rock your precious Loubs or other expensive pairs of shoes, unless you get a weekly delivery of them but then even at that, why spoil the shoes in the rain, when you can leave them at the doors of charity homes.

To help the stylish men wade through the messy streets in this weather, I’ve put together some essential and stylish accessories to keep you stylish regardless of what Mother Nature will throw at you.


Bright Raincoat

Margaret Howell waxed cotton rain jacket.
Margaret Howell waxed cotton rain jacket.


With the rain comes cloudy weather. You don’t want to be hit by an uncoming car or human traffic.

Get a raincoat that gets you noticed from a far.


Rain boots

Burberry rain boots.


The streets are flooded and the water levels are very high, walk through them with your head and your boots high.

There are a lot of waterproof shoes out there but this is the time for a brother rain booth.



Davek Umbrella.


An umbrella may sound like over kill with the rain boots and raincoat but it will come in handy when you need to move between offices, blocks or just walking a female colleague to her car.

Get an umbrella.


Carry All

Zara Men Bowling bag
Zara Men Bowling bag


You don’t want to be that guy with rain boots, raincoat and umbrella at his desk dripping water all over the place.

On your way out, pack your shoes in the carry all bag and when you get to your destination, retrieve your work shoes then fold your raincoat and place in in the bag as well as the rain boot.


Hand lotion

Jack Black hand cream
Jack Black hand cream


The rain will wash off your hand lotion and you don’t want to be walking around with ashy hands. Leave a tube of hand lotion in your carry all for “touch ups”.


You don’t have to get these all in one day, an item a week until you are totally ready for the heavy rain fall.


Eku rainy season.


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  1. I need to get the Margaret Howell waxed cotton rain jacket but I hope they come in a different colour lol even though I don’t want to be hit by an uncoming car…haha


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