9 Tips On How To Send Nudes Without Getting Exposed


After several eons of being a trending topic on Twitter, the topic of nudes has finally found its way to Mark Zuckerberg’s space, Facebook.

There is still a lot of pretence when it comes to sex and related issues in Nigeria, even though we are arguably among the most sexually active lot. People will feign ignorance about nudes, only for you to find nude pictures of them in circulation.

While we are not about to say whether it is wrong or right to send nudes to your partner or lover, we believe that people will send them anyway, and if you are going to do it, you might as well do it right.

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Before you click send on that nude picture,  you need to know what you are getting into, so that if a messy breakup happens, you will have much less to worry about.

The tips below should help prevent, to a large extent any wahala when you send nudes.

Assume Everyone Will See It

This, as far as I am concerned, is the golden rule of sending nudes. Know that there is a 50/50 chance that someone else might see your nude picture. Even if you trust him/her, remember that stolen phones and too many drinks happen to good people. This assumption directly impacts on all the other tips.

Send Nudes Because You Want To

No one should force you to send them pictures of your body. You owe no one nudes.

Set Things Straight

Your body and nude pictures belongs to you, so you need to be able to set your own standard by defining what a nude picture is – a picture of one boob, a picture of you with just a bra on, or a sexy picture of your bare clavicle.


Never Let Your Face Show

You will want as little evidence as possible leading the nudes to you should your phone or partner’s get missing, so you need to remember to never ever let your face show. By the way, a little mystery is sexy.

Do Not Send Nudes Showing Your Distinctive Features

Just like your face, ensure distinctive features such as tattoos, piercings, birth marks or even customised jewelry do not show in your nude picture. Remember computers get hacked.

Double-check Your Background

One of the things I learnt from the infamous Kim Kardashian robbery is to be very conscious of my background. Make sure nothing in your background can give you away.


Choose Your Medium Wisely

Facebook Messenger is not your friend when it comes to sending nudes. Also, never send nudes to your partner’s work mail. Definitely, do not do iCloud. Don’t!

Check, Check, Check!

Before you send that nude picture, cross-check to make sure you are not sending something meant for your wife to your aunty.

Never Show Friends

Even if she turns out to be a whore, leave her to karma!


Even if you do not send or receive nude pictures, you probably know one or more people who do, so be kind enough to share this article indiscriminately. Otherwise, with the way our generation is going, nudes might stop someone befitting from being President one day (that’s not a threat, I promise)!

Which other tips do you suggest?






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