Nuraniya Presents Holiday Season With Nuraniya!


Christmas with Nuraniya showcases ten different looks for the various occasions over the Christmas holidays. With functionality in mind, the Designer’s goal is to give women an effortless way to make a minimal yet bold statement.

The pieces embody expert craftmanship from the choice of fabric to the simple silhouettes, creative designs and the mix of colors, this collection emphasizes the feminine bodice Beautifully, and it is just in time for the Holiday Season.

As every woman is different, the brand aims to serve both practical and functional identity pieces that would communicate the wearer’s personality without spoken words.

View images below;

The Belle Femme
The Fashion Figure
The Golden Girl
The Modern Woman
The Party Babe
The Perfect Hostess
The Rosie Chic
The Sassy Stunner
The Sparkle Guest
The Stylish Chic
The Trophy Wife

Photographer : Folu Art Studio
Brand : Nuraniya Studios
Make Up: Lee Blend Studio
Model : Funke Williams
Jewellery : Donna Tyler Jewellery
Creative Direction : The Style Concierge and The Style Infidel


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