The Official Chill out Playlist: Vibes from SZA, SDC, Nonso Amadi, Maleekberry and Bryson Tiller


Guess what? The week is officially over (someone please queue the Hallelujah chorus)!

No more files and appraisals, well I’m talking about me here cause I don’t know what the lot of you got up to this week. Anyways, I’m uber excited as always even though my weekend usually consists of laundry and long mornings into afternoon straight into night naps, which some folks find boring but oh well do you, and allow me be great. Being the kind, thoughtful, sweet, philanthropic, loving (I could go on, cause market must sell) guy that I am, I decided to give you guys, our dear SV crowd, a rad playlist to bop to this weekend.

SZA – Supermodel
I’m still not over CTRL and boy oh boy it’s still my best album of 2017, if you don’t stanSza then I’m sorry but we can’t be friends and that’s that. As the opening track of her critically acclaimed album, Supermodel doesn’t waste time in giving you a taste of how raw and honest the record is with lines like “….let me tell you a secret I’ve been secretly banging your home boy, while you’re in Vegas” talk about a punch in the gut. Sza sings about the end of a relationship, fronting at first with the FU”s but still ends up admitting the need for validation. With Pharrell Williams lending his vocals to the background in a Frank Ocean/Beyonce format, this is definitely one song to add your playlist this weekend.

SDC – What You Want (feat Tomi Thomas)
Ayyye you’re now rocking with the SDC’, it’s the Show Dem Camp omo yes indeed!! I think it’s safe to say that whenever you hear that line, you know you’re in for quite a ride and this is definitely not an exception. I’m a huge SDC fan, right from the Clone Wars days when I first heard Sweet Love (featuring Poe) and these guys are making not only palm wine music but with some jollof too. Off their recent Spaxx produced EP Palm Wine Music, What You Want is a jam and three quarters which features one of Nigeria’s coolest new school kid Tomi Thomas. I’m playing this on my way home to start the weekend right, so be like Conrad and start your weekend with some audio palm wine and Jolllof rice.

Maleek Berry – Bend It
I know what you’re thinking right now, yet another waist related “ukwu” song Conrad should know better than this. But before you start, let me remind you that this is from Maleek Berry, the guy that gave us Juice, Kontrol and 4 Me (in hindsight they’re actually all waist songs too, but you will just have to deal.) Berry Berry ‘pon the beat is back and doing what he knows how to do best which is getting us dancing to catchy lyrics laced with Caribbean flavor, and does he achieve that with Bend It? Hell yeah! ‘Bend it’ is the latest single from the producer turned music superstar and is bound to be a hit, if not anywhere at least on snapchat, (lol).

Bryson Tiller – Run Me Dry
Wahwahwah!! Yes Bryson was definitely a summer star this year all thanks to DJ Khaled, Rihanna and Carlos Santana (if you know, you know). But before the popular hit was released, Penn Griffin released his sophomore album True to Self, which had the widely slept on badass tune, Run Me Dry. Featuring the regular island cultural sound appropriation, made famous by his Wild Thoughts partner Rihanna and “King of Appropriation” Drake. Sure to set hips in motion this weekend, Bryson’s groovy tune is another bop you should get on ASAP.

Nonso Amadi – Kwasia (feat Eugy)
I derive so much joy in letting people know I was on the Nonso Amadi and Odunsi train (get your mind out of the gutter), way before you bougie folks even knew about them. Following the huge success that came with Tonight, Nonso returns with a brand new song and this time he brought along a Ghanaian friend for the ride. Kwasia (I don’t know what it means tbh) is another laid back wavy tune that will help you kick back and relax, maybe even roll on…never mind.

After a stressful week of fake smiles and computer screens, it definitely doesn’t sound like a bad idea to take a couple steps back and have a chill weekend.


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