On The Money – The N1000 Deficit


It started on Twitter in the penultimate week of 2015. New year resolutions, highlights and low blows of the outgoing year were the trending topics on Twitter street.

Everyone had something to say about the ending year, and everybody had something they wanted to do or wished would happen in the new year.

I switched into my twatching (Tweet watching) mode during this period of public display of self reflection because of certain past experiences which I won’t go into today.

In between all the drama that was going on from people tweeting their goals and aspirations for the new year for the world to see, a certain tweet caught my attention.

The 1000 Naira a day goal.

There it was, a wooden Kolo, broken, to reveal it’s amazing contents of N1000 notes reported to be 365 in number (of course, I couldn’t count it so…)

And the bold caption just above the picture

If You Save 1000 Naira a Day, You Will Have N365,000 By The End of The Year.

1000 naira

N365,000 at the end of the year. Just like that, untouched like a virgin waiting to be broken and released from a wooden cage.

It was like someone had suddenly let common sense out of its cage on Twitter that day. Promises here and there and most of them as empty as the bank accounts of the people tweeting their allegiance to the N1000 Naira a day scheme.

I, on the other hand, did a mental calculation of my monthly earnings. N1000 naira a day meant roughly N30,000 every month. Was I ready to forfeit N30,000 of my hard earned salary to the dark hollows of a wooden box? Won’t it mean giving up endless hours of thrift shopping, New Look and Asos binging, and Friday partying and karaoking at Shaunz Bar.

saving meme

I told myself I could try, I mean I had just splurged N23,000 on makeup and still no boyfriend in sight. That’s a story for another day by the way.

So, quietly, without tweeting, lest my tweet be used against me on the day of judgement, I promised to join the bandwagon of N1000 Kolo savers.

How hard could it be? I asked myself repeatedly. Not hard at all. Not hard.

2016 finally came and it’s the 17th day of February and I’ve still not found N1000.

Empty Wallet

It’s as scarce as fuel was when Baba Bubu took over from the country. I come home after work everyday and open my wallet and I’m greeted with an abysmal N300 to N500 depending on the mood of my wallet.



My Kolo remains untouched and sometimes I feel the slim crevice where money is supposed to slip through, staring at me with reproachful eyes like an unwanted bride.

It took me one hour of thoughtful thinking while feasting on boli and fish on one particularly sunny day,  to figure out what I was doing wrong.

I will explain in my next post…


Yours In Crisp Mint Notes, 




  1. lmoa! Eva why wait all the way till next year? Start now, were just halfway through Feb. I want to join this club! would, got my mind made up 🙂

    • Sylla, it feels like the year is almost over, unless you are going to pay/dash me the money from the days missed. we can gladly strive in this journey together.

  2. ‘It’s as scarce as fuel was when Baba Bubu took over from the country.’ *having my reaction*
    I want to save more but will the forces allow?

  3. Lmao, It’s really a good investment if one is consistent, I was on que in a bank sometime last year to deposit my kolo savings and I wrote less than I had in cash on my deposit slip, the cashier attending to me noticed and told me…. That was how I had to open up and tell them the huge cash was from my kolo savings….. Guess what? I didn’t know everyone on que was listening to my Kolo story …lol. That was how I motivated them to start theirs….. So, my darling nims, all you have to do is be determined and you need self discipline and consistency #shikena# your 356k will then be staring back at you on the day of harvest

  4. This thing caught my attention too, but I convinced myself that putting 31k/30k monthly in an INVESTMENT account is a better idea.

    If one isn’t involved in a business that pays daily or something like that, how does it work? Some days I don’t have 1k, but at month end I have 30k/31k for sure…

    I eagerly await the next post!

  5. Me, am still starting oo.. I actually read an article from the simple dollar and it did a post on the 52-week challenge of each week you save $50/ the next week will be $100, the upper week $150,etc i decided to work with that, start small and start disciplining myself. I havent gotten there yet but i look forward to following through on that commitment.
    Thanks Nims, bring hurry with part 2


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