The perks of being a girly girl


Growing up a tomboy is awesome. I mean, you automatically get a free pass to be both a boy and a girl. You’re always comfortable, no tinnie-tiny-heeled shoes for this girl. Only sneakers, no makeup and stressing over how perky your butt looks in that skirt, cause heck, you probably don’t know which end the legs are supposed to fit into right? Just about the only things you worry your pretty little head about, are getting good grades, and thinking up ways to get out of doing the hardest chores. You schmooze around all day in your loose jeans and baggy shirt, and think, what a wonderful world…

Gosh! I miss those days, or maybe not haha! I still wear loose jeans and big saggy shirts sometimes, and probably go without makeup on most days, but Lawd! I love being a girl and more importantly dressing like one. Sounds Cliché but I really do.

I think skinny jeans are the most genius invention since sliced bread. How else would they fit so perfectly, accentuating every curve and holding every jiggle perfectly in place. Or maybe Coco Chanel could get that award for inventing the next best thing, for the little black dress which is completely flattering, and can be dressed up or down. Or maybe we give it to whoever invented heels, because of how they take an ordinary looking outfit from a “maybe I could wear this” to a “I’m definitely wearing this”.

The best thing about these girly outfits is that, they almost always tell a story, yhup. Say, its Monday and you need to go to work; so you pick out a burgundy skirt (because Adesua Etomi just found love and wore burgundy, so maybe you should too, or it’s the colour of red wine which is always a reminder of that last romantic dinner) and a nude toned blouse (since we’re in a romantic mood) and of course those nice red bottoms. On Tuesday you pick out that black dress with exaggerated shoulder pads, because that sleazy disgusting colleague felt the need to hit on you (probably because your romance radar was too high yesterday) so a little independent, not in your league vibe would be needed today. Wednesday is lunch with the girlfriends, so let’s go all single ladies with this one, so maybe that mid-length body con dress (oww!) and the jacket since work beckons first. Thursday is lunch with mum, so something really soft should work (so she’s pleased and probably doesn’t bug you on having serious boyfriend yet again, basically a win-win yeah). Then Friday Girls night out, I’ll be needing that very little “sex and the city” type of dress please! Lol, and it could go on and on.

Whether it’s a dress, pants, blouse or even lingerie… dressing up becomes more than just another drab physical activity, it becomes a part of your life’s story and I find that really cool and I hope you do too. Maybe sometimes I want to be extra comfy and wear sweat pants, my brothers stolen shirt and flip flaps. And I absolutely see nothing wrong if your style is tomboyish, but I have found that there are quite a number of perks to dressing like a girly girl… and I love it!




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