P’Square – The Real Other Side X The Constant


P’Square, Mr P, Mr Paul or whatever new nicknames they coined sure have made a lot of changes in the past decade, going international, becoming one of the biggest group acts in Africa, getting married, having kids, having twins again, and a whole lot of other big decisions taking them to different sides and opinions, but one thing that hasn’t changed or would never change is their cool 80s RnB sense of style.

Many RnB singers like The weekend have often cited Diddy Combs, Michael jackson and Nas as their music and style mentors and I think its safe to say the same goes for P’Square.

From their beginnings of baggy pants, loose shirts, bandannas, hats, all white outfits and so on, nothing seems to have changed, the outfit labels may have changed and the pieces themselves may have gotten a modern jig in the mix but that cool 80s vibe is a constant and probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, just like their music.


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