Real or Popular


In Economics there is something called Real income or real disposable income if you like. In simple terms, this is the income or money that’s available to you for spending after taxes and inflation adjustment, it’s the final money you have after the removal of all mede-medes lol, a.k.a your real money, no deceptions of extra anywhere.

This week was abuzz with the emboldened racist activities in Charlottesville, everyone has been talking about it, including past United States president Barack Obama. His statement via twitter is the most re-tweeted tweet (sheesh) of all time as opposed to the present President Trump’s, weak one.

I was going through a newsletter today that stated that Obama’s statement has been lauded by many and that ‘everyone’ is calling out Trump for his weak, no stance taken one. And it got me thinking, this is the last U.S.A election all over again.

Do I sound confusing?

Well, during the worldwide event of the last United States election, I remember all the great buzz that Hilary Clinton was getting and all the backlash and hits that Trump’s campaign got, no day passed without seeing the quote ‘I’m with her’ in hundreds. During that time; a friend said that he didn’t understand why people were making a great to do about Donald Trump when it was obvious he wouldn’t win, I asked him why he thought that, and he replied saying that recent public opinion via social media, television and papers show this, I remember looking at him long and hard and asking, “so how do you explain Trump’s winning the most recent poll?”

The truth is most people are cowards, or worse in denial. Just like the real income in Economics, real opinion is the truth that’s left after all mede-medes have been removed. Mede-mede in terms of the proverbial ‘Chicken Yansh’ when the wind blows haha. Real opinion is the truth that’s left after the wind has blown the hypocrisy of sounding right as against, actually doing what’s right, because all most people want to do is sound right when they really aren’t.

Right now, popular opinion states yes, we do not agree with Trump’s weak stance and we applaud Obama’s statement but really, what is the real opinion? If you’ve seen videos of the racist ‘gathering’ if you could call it that, it’s sad to see that no one is really taking any action that supports this so called ‘public opinion’ including the United states police, their attempts to stop the attack was laughable. Yes I know there are rallies and statements everywhere but nothing particularly tangible and I think it’s because deep down the majority actually accepts this stance for racism.

Just like the elections, popular opinion was that the American people supported Hilary Clinton and were appalled by Trumps campaign (including his racist and sexist statements), but real opinion when it came down to taking action by voting, said otherwise.

I risk sounding cliché, but actions do really speak louder than words and until the ‘Real opinion’ of the American people is a unanimous anti racist stand, then all the popular opinion is really just noise no matter how many greats like Barack Obama opine it.


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