Rell Interiors SVHQ Makeover – The Process; Painting


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We promised to share you all the details involved in the Rell Interiors transformation of the Stylevitae office and we are keeping to our word. 


Rell Interios SVHQ Makeover (6)

The first process was changing the wall paint. The walls had the usual light yellow paint that is common in most buildings and it was boring and unattractive.

Just look at the dullness
Just look at the dullness

After several back and forth scrolling through the Dulux Color Code booklet provided by Rell Interiors, we eventually settled on Dulux Pure Brilliant White Silk Paint.

Rell Interios SVHQ Makeover (1)

Rell Interios SVHQ Makeover (2)

We went with the brillant white colour as advised by Rell Interiors because it is said to have an enlarging effect on any space i.e create  an illusion of bigger space and brighter ambiance.

We also chose the Dulux Silk Paint because it has a glossy finish and has the advantage of being able to be cleaned should any stain get on it. We all know how easily dirty white can get and so this was an easy decision to make.



Both the ceiling and the walls were painted (the ceiling didn’t need the silk paint though) and the overall effect was just as we imagined; perfect and spotless.




Rell Interiors SVHQ Makeover Painting (1)

Rell Interiors SVHQ Makeover Painting (2)

Rell Interiors SVHQ Makeover Painting (3)


What are your thoughts?


We would be sure to update you on the next stage of the Rell Interiors SVHQ Makeover!









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