Revamped Masculinity: The continuous spring of fresh androgyny in Nigerian Fashion


Masculinity in the basest dictionary meaning is defined as the possession of the qualities ‘traditionally’ associated with men. Emphasis on traditional, meaning that what defines masculinity is actually what is generally accepted as being manly in looks, dress and behavior. Tis the way of the world.

In every age and part of the world, there is always that group that doesn’t agree with the general convention and Nigeria is no different. In recent times a new crop of fashion’s elite is revamping masculinity in fashion in every sense.

Not in any particular order, first up is menswear brand Orange culture;

Perhaps due to not being a suit man himself, creative Director of Orange Culture Adebayo Oke Lawal created the cult brand for people who according to him, are looking for more than just clothes, but who want to feel emotionally invested in each piece they are buying or looking to buy.

His patrons consist of mostly fellow creatives who aren’t afraid to push boundaries personally and professionally.

His recent AW17 collection which had pieces with ruffle, print, velvet, organza, stripes and hoops is a continuous attestation to the brands avowed allegiance to zero conventions.

Revamped masculinity may or may not be Orange Culture’s essence but the brand sure is aiding the pace of the movement (if we could call it that).

To be continued…



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