It’s a Rihanna day as Elle cover and Fenty Beauty gets out at once!


Rihanna in Oscar Delarenta

It’s Rihanna day y’all and I hope you’re ready, I know I am.

The highly anticipated Fenty beauty make up line by Rihanna has just been released, and it’s everything she promised and more.

The make up line which features 40 different shades of foundation and highlighters with very interesting names like ‘trophy wife’, ‘metal moon’, ‘mean money’,’chic phreak’, ‘lightening dust’, ‘girl next door’, ‘hu$tla baby’ and ‘fire crystal’  is the most color inclusive brand yet.

According to Rihanna she wanted a color that looked good on every skin tone.

” There are so many shades and undertones, you just never know, so you want people to appreciate the product and not feel like it only looks good on her”


  Probably planned exactly for this purpose, her cover for Elle got released on the same day providing grand publicity that was probably not needed ( I mean its Rihanna). In it she talked about the products and what they’ll be like, what to expect from them, beauty tips on maintaining flawless skin and even answered questions from friends on pretty much everything.

She also stated that the products would be hitting stores at the same time in 19 countries.

Till then I’ll be waiting very ‘Impatiently’ to try them on.



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