Rock On Or Make It Stop – Culottes


Neither-pants-neither-shorts. Of course you recognize them! You probably still have pictures of your mum posing in a pair . When I first saw the culotte, also known as gaucho pants, two things leapt to mind –

1. Fashion designers have unresolved anger issues, and the culotte is just one.

2. Designed to be a MAN REPELLANT (‘spiritual husbands’ aren’t the only reason you’re single!).

culottes gaucho pants 1


The fashion world is absolutely insistent that culottes and gaucho pants are a good idea and I get that. Maybe it’s because of the retro comebacks like denim-on-denim and chunky sandals, but I just don’t know how and if the culotte will survive! Don’t get it wrong, there are some perks – if you prefer making an obvious show of ‘letting air in places’ the wide-legged design is for that – just that.

I’ll admit though that I saw an interesting mini version by Kenzo, a patterned knee-length pair by River Island and the classic white from Warehouse looked like they could work.

River Island
white culottes -


Celebs like Rita Ora, Zendaya, Lupita have taken the trend to the red carpet. It will be no surprise if their stylists explained that pairing it with a crop tee and sandal heel projects a laid-back yet elegant look. Laid-back alright. And if you spend too long in one of those you know what else will be laid-back? Your relationship status probably.

Rita Ora culottes
Rita Ora


Zendaya Coleman



Short of looking tacky and just plain ol’ school if I wanted to be comfortable as advocates of the trend streamline, there are other pretty options. I just don’t know… I’m on the fence with this trend.

Let’s talk…rock on or make it stop?


Images – Getty images,, Splash News



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