Secrets To Improving Yourself Below The Belt


When it comes to below the belt hygiene, there’s this sense of mystery. No one really talks about keeping yourself maintained down there but we all know how important it is to do so.

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More specifically, it is very important for men to understand this. Women have always been expected to be very clean there, but when it comes to men there is less chatter. This article aims to cover men and their hygiene below the belt.



You have most likely heard the term manscaping before. You probably think of it as just trimming your pubes but there is much more to it than that. The actual definition is “the maintenance of body hair for cosmetic effect”.


That could be your chest, legs, and back. Anytime you trim or shave body hair you are manscaping. You probably do a lot more manscaping than you previously thought?

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If you are not already manscaping we encourage you to start now! It is the ultimate way to step up your body hygiene and we will explain the benefits in a moment. Since most of you associate it with shaving the family jewels we will also cover how it helps you out there.

Below The Belt

How to Smell Better Naturally

When you take the time to trim or remove hair below the belt, you will actually smell better. The reason for this is that hair traps in sweat, dirt, and dead skin cells. Trapping these things mixes for a nasty combination of body odor.

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The less hairy you are the less you are going to trap in these things. Instead, it will be absorbed by your clothing where it is harder for the odor to be released.

Now if you have a spontaneous encounter you do not have to be self-conscious with what you might smell like.

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Bonus Tip: Avoid using cologne or other sprays down there. It can make for an unpleasant mix and make things worse.

Your Hidden Inches

Maybe you have heard the term “the shorter the bush the taller the tree”. There’s some truth to that saying. When you are well-trimmed or completely shaven down stairs you appear up to 2” inches longer.

Obviously, this is an illusion but who doesn’t want to appear bigger? This is a great way to boost self-confidence plus you will be cleaner on top of that.

The Right Tools for the Job

When you are ready to begin manscaping, make sure you get yourself the appropriate tools. You do not want to take a large pair of hair clippers down there. Trust me, I have been there and done that and it was not a pleasant experience.

shaver and sink

There are different body hair groomers out there that will get the job done. These tools are designed specifically for body hair. You will thank yourself for getting a separate dedicated trimmer just for this. They will typically run you around $50 (20,000 Naira) for a decent body trimmer.

Before You Go!

I hope you enjoyed our little article on trimming below the belt. There are many more reasons you should begin manscaping if you’re not already. Hopefully, you picked up some tips and reasons to get started here.

Leave us a comment below and let us know of your own personal experiences with manscaping. Thanks for reading!







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