Sending Out Of Pressmen & Other Drama From The Yeezy Season 5 Show


Yesterday, Kanye West unveiled another collection, Yeezy Season 5 in a show presented by Adidas during New York Fashion Week. Although the show was not as grand as last season’s, there was drama, as expected because no Kanye without drama.

Based off attendees’ account of the Yeezy Season 5 show which held at Pier 59 Studios in New York, here are 5 of the many things that happened at the show.

1. No pictures or phones were allowed inside the venue. In fact, accredited press were sent out before the show began. Not sure what point they were trying to make, because some attendees still captured parts of the show. Even Kim Kardashian practically covered most of it on her Snapchat.

2. Vogue boss, Anna Wintour attended the show and sat front row next to Kim Kardashian.

Kim and Anna

Kim attended the show in a head-to-toe burgundy outfit.

Kim Kardashian

Fun Fact: Anna Wintour has attended every Yeezy show till date.

3. Before hitting the runway, models were first projected on a huge 4-sided screen.

4. 19 year-old Kenya-born, Halima Aden, a hijab-wearing model made her catwalk debut at the Yeezy Season 5 show.

Yeezy Season 5 18

5. Kanye did not show up for the final bow with the models even though he was spotted backstage.


I’m not sure that was a smart move, considering that he (Kanye) is the major selling point of the Yeezy brand.


Overall, it was a good show and collection. Denim was incorporated into Yeezy Season 5 and more attention was paid to branding, with Calabasas  and Lost Hills stamped on some of the pieces. Adidas’ signature 3 stripes were also featured on other.

See some pieces from the collection below:

Yeezy Season 5

Yeezy Season 5 2

Yeezy Season 5 4

Yeezy Season 5 3

Yeezy Season 5 5

Yeezy Season 5 6

Yeezy Season 5 7

Yeezy Season 5 8

Yeezy Season 5 9

Yeezy Season 5 11

Yeezy Season 5 19

Yeezy Season 5 20

Yeezy Season 5 15

Yeezy Season 5 14

Yeezy Season 5 13

Yeezy Season 5 12

Yeezy Season 5 10

Yeezy Season 5 17

Yeezy Season 5 16




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