Simi, Tosin Ajibade & More – Celebrities Who Need To Up Their Style Game In 2017


As in our usual fashion, we like to draw attention to celebrities who defaulted in their style game at the end of each year. We of course celebrate these people in their individual careers but as a fashion and lifestyle website, it is important to also hold them responsible for their sartorial choices, whether good or bad.

We hope that this list, serves not as a channel for animosity, but rather an avenue for the listed celebrities to switch up their style and be all round perfect this new year!




Several fashion enthusiasts, critics, and music lovers have all come out with an undivided opinion about Simi’s style – Something NEEDS to be done! She is, undoubtedly, one of the most talented people in the music industry but she needs to get a better styling team. From her terrible hair styling choices, to her horrible footwear options, tacky fabric choices and terrible tailoring – something has to give this year. We’ve had enough!

Tips – A conservative but sophisticated glam should do wonders. For hair, fuller weaves and even makeup is a must. 

Tosin Ajibade

Tosin Ajibade
Tosin Ajibade

We would be fair and say that towards the later part of last year, Tosin, popular known as Olorisupergal, started to up her style game but much still needs to be done regarding this.


Tips – Keeping to more flattering sartorial choices for your body size and more subtle hair and beauty looks should help your case this year. Also, try more peplum pieces, they would look great on you!

Osas Ajibade


Osas, first advice- Out with all your shoes. And if your stylist is responsible for them and not your closet, fire him/her. We understand that for some people, getting back your groove after childbirth takes a while but here is us while you’re at it, dress to suit your present body size. You were a source of dope style inspiration and we want you to keep being one!

Tips – Take your time body wise and don’t be eager to make a comeback, make more classy footwear options and accentuate the best parts of your body like your neckline and lower torso. Lose those turbans!

Keturah King


Sometimes, I feel like Keturah King is on some permanent clown/costume show that only she is privy to. There’s something off about her style – almost like she purposely decided to look all over the place every single time.


If this is engineered to be some sort of signature gypsy style, it’s not working Keturah. Please get to work this year.

Tips – More coordinated approach to style and better beauty choices. 

Shade Ladipo

Shade Ladipo, is perhaps one of the few celebs who kept making it into our worst dressed lists last year. (See here & here) First, we would advise that you ditch the colored contacts. We’ve had enough scary cat eye moments from you.



Secondly, try not to make Tiannah Styling look bad. We get that you’ve been absorbed into the clique but you don’t have to wear everything she makes especially when they don’t fit.


Tips – Shift dresses and form fitting silhouettes, subtle makeup, and NO contact lens should work for you style wise. 

Seyi Shay


You have a good figure and we wonder why it’s so difficult to dress to suit it. Out with the ill-tailored dresses and tacky pieces, they do nothing for you style wise. Your hair and beauty looks greatly improved in 2016, but there’s still room for improvement!


Tips – Be more sophisticated in your sartorial choices. 

Uche Nnaji



As the owner of a successful menswear brand, we understand that there is pressure to dress the part, however as the Style Doctor that you are, we think your style needs major surgery.

Here is us telling you to take it easy and remember that simplicity is key!


Tips – Wear more subtle colors and keep those patches away!


Think we are missing out on some celebrities? Let’s hear your thoughts!




Nimide Ogbeun believes that Diamond was discovered on the day she was born. Although school trained to be an Engineer, she loves nothing more than getting lost in books and rooting for all semblance of love. You can catch up on her shoe fetish on Instagram ( @nimyde ) or roll your eyes at her weird attempt at humour on Twitter (@nimyde )






  1. To think that Shade Ladipo runs her mouth on that fashion police style show insulting people for being terribly dressed only to realise she’s been on your worst dressed list time and time again. The irony of life

  2. Style Vitae ti take over. This is the only way you can become king in an oversaturated blog market. Balls, balls , balls. Call peeps out on BS. Copycating, style etc. Was wondering if you came to Lagos to makw money or lick boots

  3. I so agree with this post. Simi, Seyi Shay and Shade need to buckle up this year. I know it’s hard to keep up but you have to do better….

  4. Simi really needs fuller weaves and nice fabrics not all dose dull colours she puts on and sheyi shay needs 2 dress according 2 her size her clothes are always not fitted I think chidinma should be on this list 2 for her boring new hair style

  5. Emma Nyra! That woman needs a lecture tbh. Simi needs to realize she’s grown up and should take a cue from Mocheddah. Seyi Shay with all her gorgeous features keeps disappointing but I agree that her hair and makeup are better. The ladies are even trying, it’s the guys that all want to dress like Chris Brown, those are the ones that need to be flogged.


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