“What you did, what you did to me, was a felony stole my heart away….” These were the very first words I heard in 2014 that got me hooked on Simi, fast forward 3 years later and this then relatively unknown singer has released her debut album. Funny enough, I got introduced to Simi’s music by a potential love interest at the time who just happened to have gone to school with her, sadly that didn’t work out but oh well at least I got Simi.

Following the release of Tiff 3 years ago, Simi has gone on to be one of the most formidable voices in the Nigerian music industry. Her vocal dexterity combined with simple yet engaging lyrics, has been able to tell countless stories and won the hearts of Nigerians in the process.

Simisola her debut self-titled solo album after years of singles and mixtapes with the likes of Falz, Boj, Praiz and rumored beau Adekunle Gold, doesn’t stray too far from the sound and formula that has made Simi a household name. Collaborating with X3M Music’s in house producer Oscar Herman, Simi has created a record that stays true to her sound and proves that although she might not be a pop princess she’s definitely the queen of something.

And though she might be the queen of ” something Simi-ish” genre of music she is most definitely not the queen of style, more like the Theon Greyjoy in the game of fashion.

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I know, that a musician’s style has absolutely nothing to do with the talent, but it  does assure that your A-lister status is a given and that you stay relevant not just to your die-hard never giving up on you fans but the general populace at best. And dressing like everyday is another hip day to take a stroll two blocks down certainly doesn’t help you do that.

Certainly this is apparent from artists like Rihanna who is always in the news for yet another stylish win to Tiwa Savage who is Nigeria’s biggest female musician at the moment and has talent and style to thank for that, or even her alleged significant other Adekunle Gold whose great music and equally great sense of afro-centric style keeps him up there and I could go on.

I love Simi and her music, but her style is mostly cringe worthy. This style issue may have not seemed relevant two or three years ago but right now, when she has the potential to be a National export with the likes of Wiz Kid, her present style aint-gon-cut-it.

Personally, I really doubt that this is a stylist problem, as most of her stylists have worked with other stars who have good style representation in the public eye. And the incredibly ‘few’ times she got something a little right with her style she either ruined it with the next look or wore the wrong accessories.

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Perhaps the problem is her innate style awkwardness, yhup, or her brand in general, all I know is her style needs major work if she is going to stay relevant in a game where talent alone is not enough and reign in our minds as the great looking talented musician that she is.




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