Since The Rain Won’t Stop – Style Essentials For Surviving The Rain


I’ve been telling anyone who cares to listen, or better put, people I announced it to and who had no choice but to hear, that I had a near death experience today on my way to work. I know I’m probably exaggerating as usual and anyone who knows me would know that I can be some sort of an alarmist but it was all because of the rain!

The rain that made me forget that I wasn’t supposed to be still in bed later than a certain time, the rain that also convinced my colleague (she is no longer my friend after today) to call me and claim she was sick when I know deep down she wasn’t sick even if she perfected the speech with her best ‘I’m dying’ voice. I wouldn’t have cared about her missing work if not for the singular fact that I hitch a ride with her everyday.

By the time I got dressed and was ready for work, I was already running late. I decided to take a cab from Glover junction for a direct route to work when the unbelievable happened. The cab stopped moving. I don’t know what upset me more, the fact that it was still raining and I had opted for cream coloured pants with the River Island green suede shoes I just scored off Asos; the ‘why did I take a cab?’ question ringing in my head when I could have easily taken a Keke, saved money and time because those little devils can wiggle into any space and get me to work on time; or the long walk I would have to take to get another and more reliable mode of transport.

green pumps


So, I got down from the broken down car, firmly ignoring the cab guy asking me for money and proceeded to start my walk. Then I got to a big canal on the road. I’m usually scared of bridges, canals and deep gutters and for some reason known to only the Devil and his cohorts, (Okay the real reason is I didn’t want oncoming cars to splash water on my pants and my suede shoes) I decided the best thing was to walk alongside the unprotected canal in the little space left by a parked BRT bus.

I was halfway through my walk, when all of a sudden the BRT bus started moving. Now, I’m very close to the ground (euphemism for short) and maybe that explains why the BRT driver didn’t see me but if he didn’t stop moving, I was going to fall into the canal. I kept screaming, waving my not so far from the ground hands, and all the while, I couldn’t even look at how deep the canal I might eventually fall into was because my phobia would make me fall faster than the moving BRT would.

Eventually I was saved by an onlooker who alerted the driver and thank goodness for that!

So, as I’m writing this I’ve made a mental checklist of things I must have and do to avoid these potential rainy day catastrophes.

1. No light coloured pants till the rains stop or people stop making God cry. Only dark colors.

Dark leggings jeans


2. A large umbrella and a bright light weight raincoat to cover my body up to my ankles at least (and so bus drivers can’t not see me!)



Burberry Prorsum Raincoat


3. Rubber slip ons to wear till I get to work. I’ve also considered wellies but then I’d have to switch to regular shoes and have more to carry.

rain fw


4. Loudly berating cab drivers on the condition of their cabs before I board (don’t try this if you’re afraid of confrontation).

5. An extra bag to keep these things in preparation for the unannounced rain. (Stressful but would you rather almost die?)

Rain Bag

If I have all this and I have to make my way to work myself because I’ve denounced my ‘supposed to be sick’ so called friend, I can confidently walk in the open, not hiding behind parked buses for fear of splashes. Whats more, I can live to tell you more about my sometimes bizarre life.



So what do you think, are you sure you’ve got all your rainy day essentials?



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  1. Hahahaha
    I can so relate. This is one of the reasons I like the Vivienne Westwood shoes (the dragon ones). They are comfortable and rain proof.Honestly I can have it in 10 colours if possible but for now 2 would do. Ive learnt the hard way when it comes to suede shoes (considering I’m a shoeaholic) stay away during autumn and winter except a ride is certain. As for the pants another story….

  2. Oh and by the way I’m going to check river island for those shoes. If it’s not pocket friendly the matalan ones will do
    (I can see ive digressed from the purpose of this post….#WalkingAwaySlowly)

    • Omg, first of all I’m glad you can finally comment. Two, can river island be more expensive than Vivienne Westwood? certainly not!, you is the boss. They should see have it on Asos, maybe a darker finer green sef.

      • Nimi the question is do I really need green suede shoes. It’s just olojukokoro that’s my problem.

        I must say aunty Vivi is pricey but well worth it.

        Ok ok Nimi this post is not about shoes. It’s about the appropriate dress code for rainy days including shoes (see how I brought up shoes again. I need help…)


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